About Us

Recognizing the urgent need for renewal of the Gaston Point community gave birth to a new organization. This organization was given the name of the Gaston Point Community Development Corporation (or GPCDC). It was organized as a non-profit organization that has formed partnerships with other non-profit organizations, neighborhood churches, civic groups, government entities, fraternal organizations, and corporations. We hold regular meetings involving our partners in the planning and deliberations to deal with our troubled neighborhood. Our Board of Directors and partners are deeply committed to making the Gaston Point community a better place to live. We face our future with confidence and optimism. We recognize the challenge of our task but believe that our plan offers a clear and sensible direction to achieve our mission.


  • Compassion: We believe that we should care for and uplift our fellow human being that is in need.
  • Respect: We realize that every human being is unique and deserves the utmost respect.
  • Partnership: We believe that the most beneficial and effective way to accomplish goals and objectives is by working with others in the spirit of sharing and cooperation.
  • Commitment: We believe that accomplishments can only be realized through total commitment to the assigned task.
  • Education: We believe in and encourage education and realize that it is a lifelong and continuous process.
  • Open and Honest Communication: We believe that in dealing with others (and among ourselves) that our communication and deliberations should always be transparent, open and honest.

Board of Directors

Sidney L. Rushing, President/CEO
Felix Williams, Vice President
Art Schaafsma, Secretary
Everett Lewis, Treasurer
Lee J. Adams, Jr., Director
John Armstrong, Director
Elise Barnes, Director
Juston B. Holton, Director
Jimmie T. Jenkins, Director
Marcia Kruse, Director